Japanese 15/0 Opaque Seed Beads: Opaque seed beads are made from glass and do not allow light to pass through them. Opaque seed beads are shiny unless they have an additional matte coating. All of our opaque beads will have an “Op” or “Opaque” in the description for easy identification.

Japanese seed beads are considered to be the world standard for their high quality, brilliance, and uniform shape.

JP = Japanese, Alab = Alabaster, Op = Opaque, Tr = Transparent, CL = Color Lined, SL = Silver-Lined, AB = Arora Borealis/Rainbow, Met = Metallic, Mt = Matte, Cey = Ceylon, Lus = Luster, Lt = Light, Dk = Dark, Cry = Crystal, Dura = Duracoat, Galv = Galvanized, Lumi = Luminous, Turq = Turquoise

15/0 JP Seed Beads

JP Op Black 15/0