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Miyuki Bugle 6mm Beads:

3mm Bugle Beads are thin tube shaped, glass beads used for jewelry, beaded fringe on earrings, and regalia design.

Bugle beads are most commonly strung, or sewn into Native style earrings in the dangle portion. Due to the nature of the tube shape and how the glass is cut, they have a tendency to cut the thread on the edge.

Beading tip: Making sure to place a seed bead after a bugle when the thread needs to turn. This will ensure the thread wont be cut.

It’s not uncommon to have an emery board or file file to file the ends of the bugles so as to not cut your thread.

Miyuki Bugle 6mm also come in twisted as well as straight, The twisted effect bounces the light nicely on earrings.

Last Updated On: 11/14/2023 GB



    • Miyuki bugle beads are manufactured in Japan and are considered to be the highest quality beads in the world today.
    • These Miyuki bugle beads 6mm (BGL2 & TW206) are glass beads with a length of 6mm, and are often used for beaded fringe, embroidery, ladder and brick stitch projects.
    • Their uniform size and large hole are perfect for precision projects and allow you to pass through the bead multiple times.