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Manufactured by Preciosa Ornela, these round-shaped seed beads are manufactured using a unique technology for cutting glass tubes with round or square holes into various sized pieces which are then rounded and polished when hot, and subsequently classed by size and shape. The PRECIOSA Rocailles are produced in sizes from 1.5mm to 8mm and the sizes of the Czech PRECIOSA seed beads are stated using the traditional so-called zero series. The regular sizes range from the smallest 16/0 through to the largest 1/0, while rarities also include the four large sizes of 31, 32, 33 and 34, also known as potatoes. They divide the PRECIOSA Rocailles into so-called uncoated and coated rocailles according to the level of their subsequent finish. Whereas uncoated rocailles are left with the pure glass finish, a coated rocaille is given a further surface finish, for example coloring, galvanizing or other types of decoration. Cut PRECIOSA Rocailles are a special type of PRECIOSA seed bead on which 1-2 small facets are cut on a special cutting wheel. This makes the PRECIOSA Rocaille sparkle and it acquires exceptional optical properties in combination with some other surface finishes. The most popular sizes of these cut seed beads are 11/0 and 13/0, traditionally known as Charlotte Cut or True Cut seed beads. Great for adding a touch of flair to your artwork.