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Japanese Seed Beads: Please select from the 7 categories of Japanese styles below.

We currently offer size 11/0 seed beads, Miyuki Delica size 11/0 cylinder beads, Japanese size 15/0 seed, 3-Cut and Hex beads, as well as 3mm and 6mm bugle beads.

Japanese beads are a high quality uniform shaped glass bead that are great for your crafting and artistic needs.

Choose the style and shape that best fits your needs.

The Delica is great for bead weaving earrings and bracelets and come in large variety of colors.

The Hex bead is an excellent choice for an extra sparkle to your work the hexagonal sides catching the light in every direction.

The 11/0 seed bead is the perfect all around bead for medallions, earrings, bracelettes and much more. Besides the Delica, our Japanese color selection in vast.

Last Updated On: 11/14/2023 GB

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15/0 Assorted Bead Sets

JP Blue Starter Set 15/0


15/0 Assorted Bead Sets

JP Op Starter Set 15/0