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Miyuki 15/0 Duracoat Galvanized Seed Beads: “Duracoat®” is a durable clear coating for dyed or galvanized beads. It’s a thicker and stronger coating than a traditional one. This means the colors will last and keep their brightness. All of our Duracoat Galvanized seed beads will have a “Dura” or “Duracoat” and “Galv” or “Galvanized” in the description for easy identification.

Japanese seed beads are considered to be the world standard for their high quality, brilliance, and uniform shape.

JP = Japanese, Alab = Alabaster, Op = Opaque, Tr = Transparent, CL = Color Lined, SL = Silver-Lined, AB = Arora Borealis/Rainbow, Met = Metallic, Mt = Matte, Cey = Ceylon, Lus = Luster, Lt = Light, Dk = Dark, Cry = Crystal, Dura = Duracoat, Galv = Galvanized, Lumi = Luminous, Turq = Turquoise