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Japanese 11/0 Seed Beads: Sold in 6″ 30 gram tubes unless otherwise specified.

Please note: We are currently in the process of separating this category into individual categories based on the manufacturer and finish of each color we offer. This will take some time to complete so please be patient. All of the colors are still available in the main category. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at (612) 872-0390.

JP = Japanese, Op = Opaque, Tr = Transparent, CL = Color Lined, SL = Silver-Lined, AB = Arora Borealis/Rainbow, Mt = Matte, Cey = Ceylon, Lus = Luster, Lt = Light, Dk = Dark, Cry = Crystal, Turq = Turquoise

Last Updated On: 4/27/22