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Japanese 11/0 Metallic Seed Beads: Metallic seed beads have shiny metallic tones, which include steel, copper, gold and bronze, and are combined with the inexpensive price of glass with the look and feel of expensive precious metals. The metallic finish is applied over an opaque glass bead and creates the appearance of a metallic surface.

  Japanese 11/0 Semi-Frosted Seed Beads: Japanese 11/0 seed beads are the most popular size of seed beads and are available in a large range of colors and finishes. They are consistent in size and shape making them ideal for a large range of projects including bead-weaving, necklaces, stringing, medallions, embroidery, and much more, especially when using semi-frosted beads for jewelry making. JP = Japanese, Op = Opaque, Tr/Trans = Transparent, CL = Color Lined, SL = Silver-Lined, AB = Aurora Borealis/Rainbow, Mt = Matte, Cey = Ceylon, Lus = Luster, Lt = Light, Dk = Dark, Cry = Crystal, Turq = Turquoise