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Miyuki Round Rocailles 11/0 Transparent Crystal Neon Seed Beads: Miyuki Transparent Crystal Neon seed beads are made of glass and allow light to pass through them. They also have a bright painted or dyed center which is a different color than the clear exterior. These beads may be Less durable than most finishes as they may fade if the paint is a bright color, or may rub off if thread is passed through the bead multiple times. Transparent Crystal Color Lined beads are still more durable than a dyed or galvanized finish, and the colors will range from completely clear to bright jewel tones. All of our transparent crystal color lined seed beads will have “Tr” or “Transparent” , “Cry” or “Crystal” and “Neon” in the description for easy identification.

Miyuki 11/0 Seed Beads also known as Round Rocailles are donut shaped beads similar to Czech 11/0 seed beads and created by Seiichi Katsuoka in 1949, which and was later passed down to his son Hiroshi who added innovation to his fathers passion and began creating new styles which resulted in the founding of MIYUKI; Japan's first successful mass-producing bead manufacturing company. Since then MIYUKI has been continuing Hiroshi's innovative drive, and have gone on to produce amazing products including Delica's, Drop Beads, and Twisted Beads to name a few. MIYUKI glass beads are now considered to be the "world standard" for their high quality, brilliance, and uniform shape and are highly sought after by fashion designers, artists and bead fans alike.

Miyuki of Japan
    • With more than a thousand colors to choose from, and new colors being created every year, artists around the world prefer Miyuki seed beads over the typical Chinese or Czech seed beads for projects which require a lot of precision work.

Miyuki Seed Beads are available in six sizes, including 1/0, 5/0, 6/0, 8/0, 11/0 and 15/0, however the most commonly used sizes are 11/0 and 15/0 for their extensive color selection. Typically Miyuki seed beads are sold in 10-20 gram tubes, however here at Northland Visions we sell most of our 11/0 seed beads in a 6" tube weighing approximately 30 grams, and our 15/0 seed beads in 14 gram lots in a free 15 gram premium storage container at no extra cost to you. We also offer our customers an amazing durable and reusable premium storage solution for all your seed bead needs.

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