Miyuki Delica 11/0 Transparent Color Lined Cylinder Beads: Transparent color lined beads are made of glass and allow light to pass through them. They also have a painted or dyed center which is a different color than the exterior. These beads are Less durable than most finishes as they may fade if the paint is a bright color, or may rub off if thread is passed through the bead multiple times. Color Lined beads are still more durable than a dyed or galvanized finish, and the colors will range from completely clear to deep jewel tones. All of our transparent color lined beads will have “Tr” or “Transparent” and “CL” or “Color Lined” in the description for easy identification.

Miyuki Delica 11/0:

Manufactured in Japan, and world-renowned for their quality, Miyuki Delica’s are the industry leader in cylinder beads due to their meticulous craftmanship. 11/0 are among the most popular of the four sizes (15/0, 11/0, 10/0 and 8/0) which are available in more than a thousand colors and finishes.

Miyuki Delica’s are precision cut glass with a rounded surface and two flat ends. The diameter of the hole, .8mm is large in proportion to the size of the bead, which enables you to pass through the bead with a needle and thread multiple times.

Brick stitch and peyote patterns come out clean as the rows and columns of Miyuki Delica’s line up uniformly to create a flat surface, and highlights your pattern designs in stunning detail.

NOTE: There may be a very slight variation in the length of the beads, usually 3-4. For the best overall quality of your design, take your time to sort the beads by length and be meticulous by using the same size bead in each row of your design. This practice separates the beginners from the advanced beaders and reflects in the quality of your work.

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