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Miyuki Delica Cylinder/Seed Beads: Over the last year we have added many new colors to our inventory, and we’re continuing to add new colors all the time. We have added the DB number to the item description for quick and easy access to your favorite Delica colors. Simply type in “DB” + the (4 Digit Code) in the search box above, i.e. (DB0001, DB0033, or DB2352). We’ve also broken our Miyuki Delica’s up into individual categories for convenience purposes, while a complete overview is still available by DB number in the main category.

For a complete list of colors and finishes available, please visit Miyuki of Japan by clicking here, or check out the sample cards below. If there are any colors that you would like to see in our inventory, or if you would simply like to comment on our progress, please let us know by sending your comments through our Contact Us page.

Beading Tip: Miyuki Delica Cylinder/Seed Beads have a very large hole compared to other beads, to get them to line up better, double up your thread, or pass your thread threw the hole multiple times to hold the beads in place.

Last Updated on: 11/14/23

Original price was: $31.60.Current price is: $28.44.

Miyuki Delica Sample Cards: (PDF Format)
Original Master Green Card (DB0001-DB1598) N1_2R.pdf Duracoat Galvanized (DB1831-DB1852) 891.pdf
Duracoat Galvanized Frosted (DB1831F-DB1851F) 933.pdf Duracoat Opaque (DB2101-DB2144) 936R.pdf
Duracoat Opaque (DB2351-DB2368) 1012.pdf Duracoat Silver Lined (DB2151-DB2192) 935-2R.pdf
Additional Color Card (DB1671-DB1712, DB1731-DB1793, DB1801-DB1818, DB1681-DB1685, DB1691-DB1694, DB0091, DB0120, DB0223, DB0288, DB0680) 893.pdf
New Color Card (DB2271-DB2275, DB2281-DB2295, DB2301-DB2322) 1007.pdf
New Color Card (DB1855-DB1882, DB1886-DB1897, DB2191-DB2192, DB2143-DB2144, DB1112, DB1212, DB1252, DB1272, DB1287, DB1900, DB1906-DB1907, DB1910, DB1991) 1005.pdf
Picasso Color Card (DB2261-DB2267) 1009.pdf
Special Coated Color With Czech Coating Color Card (DB2201-DB2207) 900.pdf

Miyuki Delica's are cylinder shaped seed beads created by Miyuki of Japan in 1982. Originally created to replace antique French metal 3-cut steel beads, they have become the most popular bead in the world, and are preferred by most bead artists for peyote, brick stitch, weaving, and looming projects. Their cylindrical shape gives each finished piece a unique & clean surface along with an amazing amount of detail in a very small space.

    • Miyuki of JapanWith more than a thousand colors to choose from, and new Delica colors being created every year, artists around the world prefer Miyuki Delica's over the typical Japanese or Czech seed beads for projects which require a lot of detail. Artists have even used Miyuki Delica's to create portraits and sculptures using each bead as a single pixel creating amazing works of art. (Click Here To Convert Any ".jpg" Image Into A Miyuki Delica Bead Pattern).

Miyuki Delica's are available in four sizes, including 8/0, 10/0, 11/0 and 15/0, however the most commonly used size is 11/0 for it's extensive color selection. Typically Miyuki Delica's are sold in 7 gram tubes, however here at Northland Visions we have gone the extra mile to provide our customers with a durable and reusable premium storage solution at no extra cost.

BONUS: We are now offering up to 15% off on all of your Miyuki Delica needs. If you purchase 10-24 colors you will receive a 10% discount. If you purchase 25 or more, you will receive a 15% discount, which will be applied automatically once you have added 10 or more colors to your cart. If you purchase $75.00 or more (Beads & Craft Supplies Only), we will include Same Day FREE 1-3 Day shipping at no additional cost to you. This offer can not be combined with any other offers. #hellafastshipping

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Last Updated on: 4/12/22